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Secure Wi-Fi Security

Six easy steps to secure business wifi:

  1. Change default admin information.
    The Wifi devices are not set ready for secure use out of box. Default settings of administration log in are very easy to be hacked, then every computer or devices in the network are open to hackers. An easily forgotten part of initial settings that needs to be changed, is the SSID which usually displays device’s brand and model. This makes it easy for hacking too.
  2. Physical secure Wifi devices
    Wifi connection is not only accessible for online hacking, it is also vulnerable for physical sabotage. Wifi devices can be hacked easily by plugging into physical ports. So secured locations are important to store your network devices, such as a locked closet or room.
  3. Isolate guest use of Wifi
    Without compartmenting the network for business use and guest use, information transmission can be intercepted, thus leading to the leak of sensitive business files. It is important to set up a guest wifi if the business is open public wifi use. A firewall should be installed properly not only on the network devices, but also the computers.
  4. Strengthen encryption
    It is always a good idea to use a complicated mixed symbol password, especially in wifi’s WPA2. Meanwhile outdated WEP and WPS should be disabled. Another layer of EAP-TLS encryption, which implements another digital certificate, is encouraged when there are multiple uses within business network.
  5. Update the software and hardware
    The development of information technology is really fast, so is the hacking technique along with it. It is important to keep with updated software and hardware against new type of attacks.
  6. Use VPN
    Another option to add an additional layer of security to the network is through virtual private network (VPN). VPN basically works between physical server and internet, so it can hide your true origin and acts as a front for others. VPN is making it much more difficult for hackers to locate your server and steal your information.