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Two-step Authentication

Two-Step Authentication

Having a single password is no longer enough. Cybercriminals can crack most passwords within a few hours. For that reason, it is essential to add a second layer of security to passwords. By doing this, your business will be adding a second level of authentication, making it harder and more time consuming for hackers to obtain your password. Remember that best method to stop hackers is by frustrating attacks on multiple levels.

Below we will discuss how to add two-step authentication to Google and PayPal. It is also possible to do this on bank accounts, which involves the user getting a text message that must be entered before you can log in to the account.


  1. Head over to the main 2FA landing page and clicking “Get Started.”
  2. Log In with your Google Account

  3. Enter a phone number to receive verification codes by text message or phone call
  4. Enter the Code and Turn On


  1. On the main dashboard, click the gear icon and find “Profile and settings”

  2. Navigate to the Security Tab and Select Security Key

  3. Register and Activate your Security Key

Note: If you lose your phone, change numbers, or decide to revoke authorization rights, come back to this menu in the same steps outlined before to make adjustments.