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Backup Data

Importance of backing up business data

After protecting data from attacks, another significant measure to take with data is to back it up in case of an unexpected situation, such as power blackout, or computer malfunctions. So if all of business data is saved on one computer, if this computer goes down, or the hard drive is burnt, all of the data could be gone. If all of data are stored in an old-school way on paper hard copies, they can be stolen, or destroyed.

For proper data backup protection, here is a list of three simple steps to follow:

  1. Form a regular schedule for achieving data
    First is to identify the data that needs archived, such as accounting, financials. These files usually are the ones you created or modified. Then it is recommended to use a archiving method on a regular schedule. There are archiving software specified to archive data regularly and automatically, some can even zip and encrypt the data backups to make it more secure and also save disk space.
  2. Backing up data on reliable platform
    The most common choices of backup data are:
    USB flash drives: they have enough capacity for small business, fast data transfer rate, highly portable.
    External hard drive: easy to use, most external hard drives come with backup software.
    Cloud backup: easy to access with business use, but needs to be carefully chosen with suppliers concerning sensitive data security.
    Tape backup: great for large amount of data, but more expensive.
  3. Secure data backups offsite
    If possible, keeping the backup device offsite would be better than placing it in the same location. For this step, cloud backup method seems to be the best option, for it has no risk like transporting the backup device.


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